Eco-Healthy Childcare

Preschool Daily Routine

7:00-8:00       Arrival of students, Infant/toddler room

8:00-9:00       Free choice

  • Children have a choice of table activities such as playdough, cutting or manipulatives

9:00-10:30     Snack/Small group activities/Journals/Cooking

  • Teachers support play and teach skills in small groups or with individual children
  • Snack is a center choice, allowing varied lengths of time to eat.

10:30-11:00 Morning meeting

  • A few routine activities; weather, songs, and a review of the day’s schedule and center plans

11:00-12:00 Outdoors

  • A few children at a time are invited to dress for outdoors while teacher sings/reads a story

12:00-12:30 Lunch/Handwashing/Story

  • Children undress from outdoors, wash hands, eat lunch, help with clean up
  • Children prepare cots for rest, teacher reads group story

12:30-2:30     Rest/Quiet time

  • Children who are awake after 30 minutes may have quiet activity on mat and at 2:00 may choose a quiet activity at tables.

2:30-3:45       Handwashing/Snack/Table activities

  • Table activities, children put rest materials away, snack as a choice

3:45-5:00       Outdoor time

  • A few children at a time are invited to dress for outdoors while teacher sings/reads a story

5:00-6:00       Handwashing/Departures

  • Children wash hands/ teacher sings songs, plays games/table activities

Less is more

Less talking more observing
Less clutter more minimalistic
Less intervening more focus
Less teacher initiated, more child initiated
Less praise, more encouragement
Less interruption, more concentration
It has been my observation over the years that children who have too many things have a harder time playing peacefully and learning to share than children who have less.

— Hammond, Ruth Anne. Respecting Babies: a New Look to Magda Gerber’s Approach. Zero to Three.
Washington, DC. 2009